Bootcamp Boxing is dynamic full body workout combined with boxing techniques. This program consists of boxing skills and workouts geared towards building cardiovascular endurance and lean muscle through resistance training.  We have combined our small apparatus training with an intense boxing regimen to provide you with another way to get in better shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Session Times
Mon – Thurs.  7:30 p.m.
Sat. 9:30 a.m.

Session Length:
60 Min.

Derrick Pitts

Session Structure:
10min Warm-up
-Will include a series of Calisthenics and plyometric exercises that will loosen up the joints.  Also, we will go through select cardiovascular exercises to increase the heart rate.
5min. Stretch
-After the body is properly warmed up, we will conduct a miscellaneous stretches to further create more joint mobilization.
45min Boxing / Circuit Training
-We will go through a full body workout that will include compound movements,  manual resistance training using all of the major muscle groups in the body.
-The interval boxing training will enable you to maximize your fitness level with minimal rest periods.

Equipment Required:
-12-14 oz Boxing Gloves ($35-$45)
-108 - 180 in. Hand Wraps
-$6-7 for 108 in.
-$11 for 180 in.
[Can purchase at Sports Authority, Dicks, Johnnie Macs]

Session Price:
6 Weeks
Weekly Price: $50
Total: $300

12 weeks
Weekly Price: $45
Total: $540

16 weeks
Weekly Price: $40
Total: $640

Drop-in Sessions
(for those already enrolled or can only train one day a week)
-$15 per session (cash only)

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Boxing Equipment and Ode to Muhammed AliOur instructor showing proper formGroup PhotoClass Time: Teaching proper form.